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Woodhall Spa Cottage Museum


Located just off Broadway, The Cottage Museum sits in the centre of the village of Woodhall Spa.  It was once the home of Johnny Wield - bathchair proprietor and well known photographer in the Spas heyday - and now houses his extensive photographic collection, as well as exhibits showing the social history and development of Woodhall Spa.


The Museum consists of a Boulton & Paul bungalow - the former home of Johnny Wield - and historic outbuildings where the family business would have been carried out.


The brief was to create a 21st century museum, providing modern interactive displays, temperature controlled archive storage, and to ensure that the museum meets the ‘green museum’ standard.  The existing outbuildings were in very poor condition, and although the bungalow is in much better condition, it lacks the facilities of a modern museum.


The intention was to preserve as much of the historic fabric as possible, while creating new spaces.  However, since the project started, there has been a major fire at the site, which unfortunately destroyed much of the fabric of historic outbuildings.  Following the fire, the outbuildings were unable to be conserved, and they had to be completely rebuilt, replicating the footprint, form, and appearance of the outbuildings.