GMS Architecture is a close-knit family practice with bases in Lincolnshire and just outside Nottingham.  The office has a broad scope of experience, from new projects to conservation, and the repair and reordering of medieval and historic buildings.  Our practice is committed to delivering a high level of professional service and producing quality projects on time and within budget.


At GMS, our client-centred service extends well beyond producing a set of drawings.  We quickly identify and develop the ideas and needs of our clients through our architectural knowledge.  Where appropriate, we give consideration to environmental design and sustainable technologies to reduce your carbon footprint and your energy bills.  Whether you are looking for a contemporary build or a sympathetic design approach, we are able to meet your needs. 


Conservation & Historic Buildings


GMS Architecture has worked on historic buildings in the East Midlands since 1981, carrying out numerous projects to sensitive listed buildings, many projects being grant-funded from central sources (English Heritage and Heritage Lottery Fund).  Over 400 projects on churches have been successfully completed, many of these involving reuse, reordering and conversion, and the majority grant-aided. 


Major works on secular historic buildings have also been undertaken, with the ethos when carrying out repairs of minimum intrusion consistent with keeping the structure stable and watertight, but also allowing the substantial character of existing volumes and external elevations to speak for themselves when considering conversion and reuse of buildings.  The retention and conservation of existing features in the building is central to the design aims of the practice, whilst at the same time balancing these with the present needs of the building user.


Historic buildings have often suffered from fabric neglect for many reasons including lack of funding for repairs, lack of use, or changing demands of owners.  Inappropriate repairs can also lead to significant damage to structures.  We have routinely addressed these problems when carrying out EH/HLF funded projects - and in fact, most projects - by adopting a structured approach, working closely with the grant-providers, conservation and other specialists and key deciders in the community.


Sustainable Architecture


At GMS, we fully support sustainability within our practice and our projects.  We acknowledge the effect that climate change is having on our current and future lives, the need to protect our environment, enhance social cohesion, and ensure financial security for the present and future generations.  We we strive to minimise our own impact on the environment by making sustainability a fundamental part of the way approach and develop architectural designs.